How to Handle Shift Trades with Ease

Last-minute schedule changes are stressful for everyone. The employee feels bad for missing a shift or asking for a change at the eleventh hour. The manager has to scramble to call down a list of employees to find someone to replace them. And there’s little to no guarantee someone will step up to take the […]

10 Hospitality Tech Trends to Implement in 2021

The hospitality industry may have been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been keeping up with the latest technologies. Indeed, as the pace of innovation speeds up, hospitality has undergone revolution after revolution. Nowadays, consumers expect more than ever from their hotels, and if you want to stay competitive, you need to […]

Hotel Digital Marketing Best Practices & Tips

With COVID disrupting both the local and worldwide travel industries, effective hotel digital marketing practices are more important than ever. We all know that social media and SEO are key to successful marketing campaigns, but how can you utilize these diverse channels and techniques to increase conversions? That’s what we’ll cover in this guide. Here, […]

5 Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace

What does “good” communication look like? And why do people want it for their organization? Sir Richard Branson, CEO and founder of the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies across a wide range of fields, believes that “communication is the most important skill any leader can possess.” Effective communication improves job satisfaction, lowers […]

5 Retail Technology Trends for 2021

Few industries have seen the shattering force of disrupting technology quite like retail. Online sales decimated brick and mortar in the past decade, and now mobile is set to take online shopping to the next level. Consumers are spending more than ever, and Statista thinks we’ll see an almost seven trillion-dollar boost in sales by […]

6 Time Blocking Tips to Help Structure Your Day

Take a glance at your work calendar. Chances are it’s blocked off in small chunks of time, each assigned to tasks such as meetings and phone calls. The tasks we traditionally put in our calendars tend to involve other people, whether directly or indirectly, and we use our calendar so we don’t forget and let […]

The Ultimate Guide to Self Scheduling

While the gig economy has always been around in one form or another, it has snowballed in recent years, as people increasingly rely on apps to order instant products and services. More and more people are doing shift work, across numerous different roles. In fact, 57.3 million people currently freelance in the US – a […]

How to Write an Employee Termination Letter (with Free Template)

No manager ever wants to have to send a termination letter. In an ideal world, all employees would perform their duties and responsibilities perfectly, respond well to constructive criticism, and be polite and professional in the workplace. However, no matter how strong your training or disciplinary procedures, every now and then an employee will behave […]

How to Write an Employee Application Form (with Free Template)

Hiring managers have a tough job. They have to find qualified applicants, entice them enough to formally apply, weed through stacks upon stacks of employee application forms, hold interviews, make offers, send rejection letters, and often aid in the onboarding process. That’s a lot. Naturally, you’re looking for a few ways to streamline this arduous […]

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