Job descriptions get a bad rep these days. They feel unnecessarily long, and they’re often full of jargon and buzzwords few of us understand. To put it plainly, they feel like a formality we could all do without. There’s some truth to those feelings, but ultimately it’s a matter of perspective. Job descriptions can, and […]

How to Write a Professional Job Description (with Free Template)
How To Write An Effective Job Rejection Letter (with Free Template)

Job hunting is far from easy these days. For starters, many companies hire internally, which means you’ll never hear about some of the best open roles on the market. It’s also a highly competitive market where job postings will sometimes see hundreds of applications. Naturally, more applications mean more rejection letters. Or that’s the idea […]

How to Write a Reference Letter (with Free Template)

Reference letters are a staple of the business and educational world. If you hold any management position or regularly employ freelancers, you’ll likely be asked to write a reference letter for someone eventually. Since reference letters can have a huge impact on someone’s career and if they get hired for a potential job, it’s important […]

The New Employee Onboarding Checklist For 2021

Onboarding new employees brings many challenges, especially after 2020. We have created the ultimate new employee onboarding checklist to keep you in check for 2021. New Hire Checklist Interviews are over, you’ve made an offer, and they’ve accepted it. Now it’s time to get all the behind the scenes details sorted out before they start. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Availability Forms (with Free Template)

Employee availability forms are a vital asset for any business that employs shift workers. Businesses should ensure that their forms have a clear, concise format, and that they have a system in place to ensure that the information communicated by such forms is always available when needed. If a business that employs shift workers fails […]

Paid Time Off: What Is It and How Do You Calculate PTO?

Taking pride in your work is rarely a bad thing. In fact, a little extra dedication will improve your client’s experience and likely your bottom line as well. But what happens when we work too hard? What happens when we don’t use our time-off benefits? It turns out that not taking time off is detrimental […]

7-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Restaurant Point-of-Sale System

Choosing the best point of sale for your restaurant is no easy task. Your restaurant’s POS system touches almost every aspect of your business. Your choice needs to be carefully thought out and based on your restaurant’s current needs, while also keeping in mind how you want to scale your business down the line. Especially […]

10 Tips on How to Handle a Disgruntled Employee

No matter how good your workplace is, occasionally having disgruntled employees is unavoidable. In fact, only 15% of employees worldwide feel engaged in their jobs! When employees feel engaged and appreciated, they care more about the company. They’ll be much more motivated to do their best work to achieve the company’s goals. Disengaged employees could […]

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